Snowdon Bike make the UK-designed and hand-built Paradox, a customisable titanium flat bar road bike.

"Put bluntly, this is one of the snappiest bikes off the line I've ever ridden... The front end feels perfectly planted carving through fast corners...there was a ton of comfort on offer... it'll take many a drop-bar carbon whippet to the cleaners... Frame 10 out of 10." -

The Snowdon Paradox is a bike designed to work with, rather than against the way so many of us ride. As such it’s a flat bar road bike. Why? Because many cyclists find it more comfortable - clearly demonstrated by the number of people who only ever use the tops and hoods of their drop bars. If you ride your drop bars like this, then you are riding the equivalent of a flat bar road bike anyway - why not do it on a bike that’s designed to work with the way you actually ride?

All Paradoxes are hand-crafted here in the UK. They are manufactured out of double butted titanium and come with a lifetime warranty. We have two 'off the shelf' designs that can be bought as is, or customised to your needs.

The Paradox 28 is designed to be the whippet of the roads. It’s sensationally light (7.5kg), fast and comfortable. Its maximum tyre size is 28mm (hence the name).

The Paradox 38 is more of a go anywhere machine. With a beefier tube set this flat bar gravel bike will take you where you want to go.

All our bikes are custom built, offering disc or caliper brakes, different head-tube sizes, graphics, axle types and customisable frame geometry. The result is a bike that offers premium performance and satisfaction. See our Reviews page for an independent perspective.

Snowdon Bike is a labour of love. The aim is to make the perfect bike, without regard to marketing or fashion. My customer’s satisfaction is my prime concern. I look forward to speaking to you. Tim Snowdon - Founder

Optional anodised Decals

Optional anodised Decals

The Snowdon Paradox?

“A truly impressive and original bike... Some of the neatest tig welds we have ever seen." - BikeRadar

The perfect bike needs to be more than just fast in a straight line; it needs to be fast, comfortable and controllable in the real world. The Paradox achieves this by using a complementary design methodology that ensures that all the design elements work together. These include a British-built titanium frame specifically designed for use with flat handlebars.

The result is a bike that is not only super-fast, it’s also agile, comfortable, has breath-taking acceleration and high levels of grip. Its flat bars allow you to climb faster and give more precise control, particularly in stop-start riding conditions. While the Paradox is the ultimate city bike, it’s far more than that: it can tour, it's great for sportive events, or just a ride in the country.

Finally, with the Paradox we promise you uncompromising standards of build as well as design. The frame is meticulously hand-welded by a craftsman who turns its Grade 9 3AL 2.5 Seamless Double Butted titanium tubes into a timeless form that will last a lifetime. It also looks stunning, everywhere it goes it gets the same response: wow, what is that?

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