Snowdon Bike was founded by Tim Snowdon FRSA, a lifelong and passionate cyclist. “I’ve spent too much money on bikes - but it was all well spent really.” 

He decided to set up Snowdon Bike because “No one was building the bike I wanted. So I decided to build my own. Since launch in 2016 the bike has gone to build a fantastic reputation - we have 100% positive riding feedback from our customers.”

What do you want Snowdon Bike to be known for? “Brits are famous for left of field thinking, for individuality, for invention and for quality engineering. They are also very good at combining traditional design with cutting edge thinking. As well as these design qualities I want to offer a personal service that values our customers, and treats them as individuals. I personally speak to everyone who buys one of my frames. Snowdon bikes will only ever be exclusive products. The Paradox is the first.”

Why didn't you go with a more conventional design with your first bike? “It’s the bike I felt needed building. A bike I knew would be a blast to ride, and no one was making it at this level. So I'm offering cyclists something new. Choice is good."

So why do you love flat bar road bikes? “Flat bar road bikes offer the rider a different set of benefits and compromises from drop bars. They do somethings better and some things worse. What I love is their control, agility and acceleration. This makes cycling a dynamic experience. If you will allow a motoring comparison, I see the Paradox as a lightweight supercar, and a traditional drop bar racer as something more akin to muscle car, great on the straights, but not so agile or controllable. The combination of flat bars, 28 or 38mm tyres inflated to the correct pressure* and the compliance of well-designed and beautifully engineered titanium creates a bike that can be ridden flat out.”

What’s your favourite thing about the Paradox? “Well it looks a million dollars. But my favourite thing has to be its dynamic speed in real world cycling conditions.  It's no good having a bike that can go fast only when the road surface is perfect. The Paradox takes me where I want to go and does it in an exhilarating manner. That's what riding a bike like this should be - exhilarating.

* A chart advising on front and rear tyre pressure for a range of rider weights can be found on our specifications page.