The two versions of the Paradox use the same geometry but use different tubing to create bikes that are similar but different. Both place a big emphasis on comfort. Why? Put simply, comfort affects performance. Vertical vibrations rob you of momentum and reduce control. They also reduce your body’s ability to deliver power efficiently. You are the engine on a bike, if you are not working efficiently, then neither is your bike.

Both our frames can be bought as standard or customised to your needs.

Paradox 28

Paradox 28

The Paradox 28 offers sensational speed and comfort for road riding. Its extra light frame delivers excellent control and grip and its acceleration is just grin inducing – one of the snappiest bikes of the line I’ve ever ridden. Roadcc. The danger in calling it the ultimate city bike (which it is) is that it’s so much more. It’s a brilliant tourer and you’ll love dropping your drop-bar friends on the hills and around town.





Paradox 38.jpg

Paradox 38

The ‘38’ is a flat bar gravel bike. It uses larger gauge tubing to increase strength and rigidity and can take larger tyres (38mm on 700c or a whopping 50mm on 650b wheels). It’s a fast aggressive bike that will take you into the wilderness on any dirt track. Its strength also makes it fast on the roads, particularly when the road surface is poor.

Both bikes focus on speed and comfort through the following.


  • Larger tyres (within reason) are actually faster in real world cycling conditions. For us the 28mm is the perfect sweet spot for road use, but gravel riders will need something more like 38mm or above.
  • Large diameter chain stays that are 'hourglass shaped' increase lateral rigidity giving the bike superb climbing ability and acceleration.
  • Cowled dropouts further help create a laterally stiff rear triangle by providing a large weld and mitre area. Bolt through axles are also an option.
  • The finest Grade 9 3AL 2.5V Seamless Double Butted Titanium is renowned for lightness, and durability. Our frame weighs just 1350 grams but will last as long as you do.
  • Precisely mitred joints. Our tubes are precisely cut, allowing the welder to create a joint that is not only stronger but neater as well. This gives the frame that added snap when accelerating and a great ability to climb.
  • Subtle tube shaping of the main tube increases lateral stiffness. We do not overdo this.
  • 560/600mm straight handlebars (particularly when used with bar ends) open up the rider’s chest and enable them to breath deeper and thus take on more oxygen. This is particularly noticeable on the climbs.
  • Titanium does not lose its performance over time, so your bike stays as fast as the day you bought it.

Comfort and Control

  • The frame can be specified to use 28mm or 38mm tyres. The extra volume these tyres give not only provides more comfort, but also greater control and grip.
  • By not overinflating your tyres you will transform the ride, grip and comfort of your bike. This is very important - see our recommended tyre pressure chart for more information.
  • The frame is made out of compliant titanium. Titanium is still the best material for making a bike frame. Its legendary speed and comfort are renowned, as is its longevity.
  • The compact frame geometry results in significantly more seat post being extended from the frame. This allows it to flex slightly and help take the edge off any impacts. By using a smaller diameter 27.2mm seat post on both frames we have increased this comfort advantage further.
  • Straight handlebars. The extra width of these bars provides more flex and helps reduce buzz to the hands. Getting numb hands on your drop bars? Try the Paradox.
When you put all the above together you have a bike that is super fast, agile, precise, controllable and super smooth.

Other benefits

  • A hand built British bike is a thing of beauty. The unpainted titanium tubes have a classy gun metal finish that does not chip like paint. Everywhere it goes it gets the same response; wow, what’s that!
  • The compact frame style, with sloping top tube, is particularly friendly to women cyclists.
  • Tube diameters can be increased for heavy riders.
  • Titanium does not rust or corrode.
  • Stand out from the crowd – ride a bike that is not only different, but different because it was designed by a cyclist, and not a marketing department.
  • Comfort and control are inextricably linked, if a bike is not comfortable then it's going to be harder to control.
  • The frame comes with a lifetime warranty.