Optional anodised Decals

Optional anodised Decals

The Snowdon Paradox?

“A truly impressive and original bike... Some of the neatest tig welds we have ever seen." - BikeRadar

The perfect bike needs to be more than just fast in a straight line; it needs to be fast, comfortable and controllable in the real world. The Paradox achieves this by using a complementary design methodology that ensures that all the design elements work together. These include a British-built titanium frame specifically designed for use with flat handlebars.

The result is a bike that is not only super-fast, it’s also agile, comfortable, has breath-taking acceleration and high levels of grip. Its flat bars allow you to climb faster and give more precise control, particularly in stop-start riding conditions. While the Paradox is the ultimate city bike, it’s far more than that: it can tour, it's great for sportive events, or just a ride in the country.

Finally, with the Paradox we promise you uncompromising standards of build as well as design. The frame is meticulously hand-welded by a craftsman who turns its Grade 9 3AL 2.5 Seamless Double Butted titanium tubes into a timeless form that will last a lifetime. It also looks stunning, everywhere it goes it gets the same response: wow, what is that?

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