Snowdon Bike make exclusive hand made titanium bikes. Our first bike, the Snowdon Paradox, is a flat bar racer (drop bar versions are available on request). It's made in the UK and can be customised to your requirements.

The bike you are about to read about came into existence because I can’t help loving bikes. The Paradox is my very personal expression of what the perfect bike should be. It’s not been designed to fit any marketing brief: it’s a bike design inspired by tens of thousands of miles in the saddle. Its final form incorporates a blend of contemporary and classic design features, something that in retrospect is very British. It’s no one-season wonder, the Paradox is here to stay.

But I appreciate that your perfect bike might be different from mine, so I am happy to discuss customising it to your needs. Whether you buy the standard version, or a custom special, I guarantee you a beautiful hand built titanium frame that will last you a lifetime. Isn’t it time you treated yourself to your perfect bike?

Tim Snowdon - Founder

The Snowdon Paradox?

“A trully impressive and original bike.” "Some of the neatest tig welds we have ever seen." - Urban Cyclist Magazine

At Snowdon Bike we believe the perfect bike needs to be more than just fast in a straight line; it needs a combination of qualities to cope with real world demands. To achieve this we employed the marginal gains concept used so brilliantly by Team GB, but we applied it to speed, comfort and control.

The result is the Snowdon Paradox, a bike that is not only super fast, it’s also agile, responsive, comfortable, has tremendous acceleration and high levels of grip. It achieves this through a combination of factors that are detailed on our marginal gains page. These include a British-built titanium frame specifically designed for use with flat handlebars. These flat bars allow you to climb and accelerate faster and give more precise control, particularly in stop-start riding conditions.

While the Paradox is the ultimate city bike, it’s far more than that: it can tour, it's great for sportive events, or just a ride in the country. Quality flat bar road bikes offer the keen cyclist all round performance, and the Paradox is the definitive expression of this class of bike.

Finally, with the Paradox we promise you uncompromising standards of build as well as design. The frame is meticulously hand-welded by a craftsman who turns its Grade 9 3AL 2.5 Seamless Double Butted titanium tubes into a timeless form that will last a lifetime. It also looks stunning, everywhere it goes it gets the same response: wow, what is that?

Read Marginal Gains to find out more.