All Paradoxes are now supplied with disc brakes only, come with braze-ons for mudguards and a rack and have a brushed lustre finish. Bead blasted matt logos come as standard. Anodised blue or gold logos can be specified for an optional extra £150.

Paradox Road Build Specifications - Download

Paradox Gravel Build Specifications - Download

Sizing for a compact frame is less critical than a flat top tube frame but it is still important to get it right. The following sizes are available with recommended rider heights.

Rider Heights-001.JPG

Frame dimensions in mm.

Frame sizings are subject to change without notice.

Measurement names-001.JPG

Recommended Tyre Pressures

Use the table below to calculate the optimum front and rear tyre pressures for your weight when using 28mm and 38mm tyres. ALWAYS check to see that these pressures are not below, or above, the minimum or maximum recommended pressures of the tyres you are using. 

Tyre Presure Table-002.JPG