The Paradox uses Grade 9 3AL 2.5V Seamless Double Butted Titanium.

It is designed and hand built in England to the very highest standards and comes with a lifetime warranty (see terms and conditions).

The 42mm diameter down tube is bi-ovalised to 37x47mm where it meets the bottom bracket and head tube.

The dropouts are cowled to provide a large welding contact surface and increase lateral rigidity.

The large diameter chain stays are hourglass shaped for increased lateral rigidity.

Machined integrated 1 1/8 head tube.

English thread bottom bracket.

The measurements below are for our original flat bar frame. If you select our drop bar version (done after a deposit is made, or by contacting us before purchase) the frame will be the same as the measurements below, except to top tube will be approximately 2cm shorter.

Sizing for a compact frame is less critical than a flat top tube frame but it is still important to get it right. The following sizes are available:

Approximate rider heights
XS 5’0” to 5’ 4” 1.52m to 1.62m
S 5’ 4” to 5’ 7” 1.62m to 1.70m
M 5’ 7” to 5’ 10” 1.70m to 1.77m
L 5’ 10” to 6’ 1” 1.77m to 1.85m
XL 6’ 1” to 6’ 5” 1.85m to 1.95m

Custom frame geometry is available at an extra cost of up to £290. Please contact us to discuss a custom design.

Detailed geometry in millimetres
Size Effective Frame Seat Tube Top Tube Effective TT Chain Stays Head Tube Reach Seat Angle Head Angle Fork Offset
XS 52 419.0 533.2 553.3 412.0 135.0 399.3 74.5 71.0 45
S 54 439.0 549.6 573.0 412.0 154.4 408.2 73.5 71.5 45
M 56 459.0 568.9 593.0 412.0 175.0 422.7 73.5 71.5 45
L 58 479.0 585.6 613.0 412.0 194.4 432.0 73.0 71.5 45
XL 60 499.0 604.8 633.0 412.0 215.0 440.1 72.5 72.0 45

Frame weight from 1350g


Recommended Tyre Pressures

Use the table below to calculate the optimum front and rear tyre pressures for your weight when using 28mm tyres (if you specify 35mm tyres reduce these pressures by 7% to 10%). Always check to see that these pressures are not below, or above, the minimum or maximum recommended pressures of the tyres you are using.